Harmen van de Werken, Ph.D.

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics in Immunology Group (CBBI) Assistant Professor in Computational Biology



The Computational Biology & Bioinformatics in Immunology (CBBI) group is dedicated to understand the immune response to cancer, micro-organisms and identify molecular drivers of human immune disorders. We apply and develop Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods on big immunogenomics and clinical data sets to gain insights in cancer biology and immunology with the ultimate goal to improve patient treatment and well-being.


The CBBI is interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms regarding the early onset, progression and drug resistance of cancer and its immune systems. By focusing on hereditary and somatically acquired (epi)genetic aberrations in human cells we wish to gain insight in cancer heterogeneity, immune cell development1 and clonal evolution2. Therefore, we interrogate large scale Next Generation Sequencing, Proteomics and Clinical data sets to reveal distinct patient groups3,4 understand aberrant transcription5,6 in cancer and the properties of the three dimensional structure of the human genome7,8 (Fig. 1-3). To quickly grasp information from our comprehensive molecular and clinical data sets, we apply and develop new computational algorithms9, analysis methods and visualization tools10 in the field of Computer Science, Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In the long run our insights could generate novel biomarkers, potential new therapy targets and improved personalized medicine approaches including immunotherapy.

Facilitate & Support

Next to our research activities, we support and facilitate big data efforts of molecular and clinical data sets for the Department of Immunology, the Erasmus MC in general, and in national and international collaborations. Please email Harmen van de Werken for advice and support of experimental setups, analysis and visualization methods and grant proposals regarding Computational Biology, AI or Bioinformatics. We have dedicated workflows in place for Whole Genome Sequencing3,4 (Fig. 1), Whole Exome Sequencing11, Panel sequencing2, ChIP-seq12, Chromatin Conformation Capture Technologies (such as 4C-seq & T2C)7,8, mRNA-seq6,  small RNA-seq, DNA-methylation, RNA-seq and Proteomics integration13 (Fig. 3) and CRISPR-screens. We support the processing, analyzing, visualization, long and short-term storage of big data sets for life science research groups. Moreover, we can support software engineering of applications in the fields of bioinformatics.

Fig 1. Circosplot of genomic aberrations derived from Whole Genome Sequencing data of 13 CDK12-/-metastatic prostate samples. Inner most circle an extensive number of tandem duplications are shown in red3

Fig 2. 3D-PCA plot of RNA-seq data of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer from TCGA with luminal, basal and neuronal subtypes

Fig 3. Hierarchical Clustering of quantitative Platelet proteomics data of 4 WT and 4 PF4 Knock Out (KO) Samples13

Group Members

  • Harmen van de Werken, Group leader
  • Dwin Grashof, Bioinformatician
  • Wenya Wang, PhD Student
  • Wesley van de Geer, PhD Student
  • Barbara Rentroia Pacheco, PhD student.
  • Zgjim Osmani, PhD student

Selected publications

(See for all publications Harmen van de Werken in PubMed or Scholar Google)

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