Research & Education


Diseases mentioned in “Patient care of the Department of Immunology” form the basis for all translational research being done by the section Clinical Immunology.

There are four main field of interest:

  1. Systemic (immuno-ophthalmologic related) diseases:
    – Uveitis
    – Behçet’s disease
    – Sarcoidosis
    – Sjögren’s disease
  2. Fibrotic diseases:
    – Systemic sclerosis
    – Graves’s disease
  3. Immunodeficiency disorders:
    – CVID and genetic immunodeficiencies
  4. Mast cell diseases:
    – Mastocytosis


All staff members of clinical immunology take part in and organize multiple educational programs within and outside the EMC.

Current educational tasks:

  1. Theme 2.2 Infectious and Immune diseases (curriculum study Medicine); Immunity and Infection Winter course.
  2. Educational sessions for interns internal medicine in the fields of general internal medicine and clinical immunology. One staff member is currently discipline coordinator for the internship internal medicine.
  3. Clinical demonstrations for residents internal medicine.
  4. Training of nurses, fellows at the clinic and outpatient clinic, residents and interns and nurses in home care support.
  5. Bedside teaching and supervision of residents internal medicine and fellows Clinical Immunology. One staff member is currently deputy director of the board of the educational team internal medicine.
  6. Supervision and guiding of residents and fellows in their traineeship Clinical Immunology.
  7. National courses for dermatologists, ophthalmologists, internists and general physicians.
  8. Organisation of the annual ‘Allergology and Clinical Immunology Day’, the annual ‘Immunity and Infection Day’ and the annual ‘Expertmeeting Immunodeficiencies’.
  9. Realization of the combined specialization (fellowship) Clinical Immunology & Allergology within the curriculum of the Internal medicine training.