Projects and clinical trials

Within the LMI, translational research* is an integrated part of the activities of the medical immunology laboratory specialists and their work groups. This research is based on a number of research projects and clinical trials, largely financed with external funding. In 2015 this concerns 28 ongoing projects, of which 26 are externally funded.

* Advisory Council on Health Research (RGO) definition “Translational research refers to all phases from identification (in patients or patient material) of targets for diagnostics, prevention or therapy till early clinical application in practice. Research questions can stem from clinical practice as well as from the laboratory side; source: RGO report 2007, Translationeel onderzoek in Nederland – Van kennis naar kliniek. Publicatienummer 55. Den Haag.

Publications and valorisation

The translational research of the LMI has over the years resulted in a considerable output of publications in high- ranked journals with a good impact factor (usually top 25% of field).

In 2014 this concerned roughly >70 publications, which are partly based on own LMI research and partly concern essential contributions of LMI members to research projects of scientists within and outside Erasmus MC. Additionally, based on LMI translational research, in recent years several patents have been written, which are being licensed to national and international companies.

For more details on LMI translational research check the web pages of the individual LMI investigators: