Hanna IJspeert, PhD

Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PID) research group


Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PID) research group

Primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID) are a heterogeneous group of disorders caused by a defect in the immune system. The clinical manifestations of PID patients are heterogeneous but include increased susceptibility for infections, granulomas, autoimmune disease and increased risk for developing malignancies.

The research aims at improving our understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to immune dysregulation in patients with PID. A more specific aim is to use such information to improve diagnostics and to identify new therapeutic targets.

Current studies focus on:

  1. Functional validation of (new) genetic defects
  2. Neutralizing anti-cytokine-autoantibodies (ACA) in PID patients
  3. Pathogenesis of granulomas in PID

The research combines molecular studies with functional analyses. The molecular studies include sequencing of the immune repertoire, for which we developed the analysis tool Antigen Receptor Galaxy (ARGalaxy) https://bioinf-galaxian.erasmusmc.nl/argalaxy.

The research is done in close collaboration with laboratory specialists (Wim Dik and Ton Langerak) from the Laboratory Medical Immunology (LMI) as well as medical specialists from the department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Selected Publications

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